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♡ Vers. 淳之介と竜也 [SK] Graphics


Suzuki Kiritani no Graphics
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Suzuki Kiritani no Graphics
Hi :) This is the graphics community of suzuki_kiritani
You are welcome to join/watch this little peaceful graphics community. This community was made in the first place because I needed to get organized ^_^; I really enjoy making graphics, and it really helps me calm down, so I do these things for fun. I don't believe on competitions and I purposely make these icons to share with you guys.
I would really enjoy it if viewers commented if taking. The support and comments really encourage me a lot, and they really mean so much to me, so receiving those would be really nice.

Age: twenty
Occupation: coll.Student
Ethnicity: Filipina
Fav. Color: Red
Fav. JE: All of them

I will warn that most of my graphics are definitely Johnny's Entertainment :DD I'm sure most of you won't have a problem with that? xD So Yes. It's true that I do not have a favorite Johnny's, so I try my best to make whatever I feel like. Whatever I am in the mood for, I will make it. Whoever I like, I will make it. I take requests but i have to take my time on that. Yes, I am very low confidence on my graphics >_> I make them for a hobby, so I don't think they are good. So i appreciate all the kind words. I really do, they motivate me so much more.

I am currently addicted to:


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